Welcome to The STORE, we want to offer you a wonderful experience …. that will delight you, so be prepared.

Optician STORE has proposed to offer you a unique journey through the world’s fashion eyeglass frames and  unique collections to Romania.

Fashion and quality combine in a nonconformist manner that creates comfort through a game of shapes and colors.

The frames that you find in the store are designed so that you feel like you took your fashion to another level, but it also offers some satisfaction to wear something nice and extremely comfortable.

If we speak about cotton, cardboard or titanium frames made from best materials, all of them guarantees you the highest possible comfort, making these accessories to be wearable.

Optician has proposed to bring new brands in Romania, so here you will find some of the rarest eye wear brands in Romania.

We offer a premiere in Romania: frames from MOSCOT company, PAPP UP, PAUL FRANK, with a unique design and highly valued for their superior quality.

Let yourself be inspired and experience new styles and choose something unique and special.

Thank you,
Optician team